Jaco, Playa Hermosa Sea Turtle Refuge

Laying and hatching occurs from mid-September to December. Sea turtles have been back to the beach where they were born to lay their eggs for millions of years. Special sensors in the shell recognize the sand, so they know they have the right range. But as the world population has increased, the turtle habitat has been reduced. This remarkable wonder of nature becomes increasingly difficult to see. There are fewer uninhabited beaches to return to, that significantly affected the number of sea turtles.

Jaco / Hermosa Punta Mala Sea Turtle Refuge tour

Our Central Location is just a short drive from one of the largest sea turtles in Costa Rica shelters. Every year thousands of baby turtles are released this range after hatching. It is a place and something truly spectacular and is highly recommended moving.

One of the remaining protected beaches is at the southern end of Playa Hermosa, about half an hour away. Ridley turtles return in September in Hermosa Beach, to lay eggs as their ancestors before them. This continues until early December. The outbreak and the release of babies, ends in late December. On a tour of a guard or assistance is recommended, you may attend this amazing feat of nature. After the eggs are laid, the nest was carefully excavated, counted the eggs, then the eggs are buried in a safe place. Sea turtle eggs are prized as an aphrodisiac in the culture of Costa Rica, and must be protected against poachers. Many species of animals are tasty way. The eggs are placed safely in a fenced in area and marked for the day of hatching.

\ When the eggs hatch a few weeks later, you are encouraged to help deliver babies. These little guys are really cute but quite helpless on the ground, and need all the help they can get to survive. The neonatal mortality rate is very high, only one in a hundred will return to the beach of their birth. This is a great family activity, and very educational for children. Ask the hotel manager to preserve over time of the visit of the night. The arrival of the turtle depends on high tide, which changes nightly, so the time of the tour will change too.

Price: $45
Time of Tour: Departure 7:00 pm to 11:00am/Travel time 30min From Jaco to Playa Hermosa.
included: Tour Guide, A/C Transportation.