Costa Rica Rafting rafting

This tour is for adventurous people; two hour walk along the bank wildlife, birds, monkeys, and vegetation. After a few hours drive through the country roads, you get where the action begins. This experience will allow you to enjoy nature at its finest, rowing on the river against many rafts and convert Raise your adrenaline high.

No experience is required.
Leaving at 07:30 am
Returning time at approximately 16:00.
What to bring: water shoes, swimsuit, towel, change of clothes, sunscreen, and extra cash.

There are several tours of rafting operators in virtually all parts of Costa Rica. Once in Costa Rica, you will find easy to get information on rafting tour operators, many of whom left FLYERS hotel reception. Son standards generally good security and rafts are all united cargo of a professional English speaking guide who also knows the rivers where you rafting.

lush rain-forest and beaches; tiny frogs and blue turtles giant Laud; Screaming howler monkeys and white waves break: Travel Costa Rica offers an extraordinary variety of images and sounds! Your itinerary could include rafting Costa Rica trip not treetops, relaxing on the beach or explore one of the many fabulous green hotels in the country. Costa Rica has a long history, the pride of ecotourism, claiming one of the most developed conservation programs Americas and enthusiastically invites travelers valuable experience of its landscape. During his trip to Costa Rica, you will learn the essential meaning of the motto of the country, Pura Vida – “Pure Life”. Travel experience nature at its best!